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Nurturing ourselves

One of the things I’ve found challenging to do as a mom is to nurture myself. It’s much easier to take care of my son, cook special meals for him, have special play-time, make sure his homework is in his backpack and participate in a 45 minute bedtime routine. Taking care of my own needs comes second, third or whenever I think I might have a free moment.

Tonight I took a class called Nurturing Moves that was tailored to my needs. The class includes some yoga, a lot of breathing (BREATHE Mom), belly dancing, meditation, energy clearing and fun. After the class I took some extra time to jump on the trampoline outside in the side yard of I Am Equilibrium where the class was held. I haven’t jumped on a trampoline in at least 12 years and it was awesome. (The Lego movie theme will now be stuck in my head for the evening).

The class was led by Michelle Alva and you can check out her website at

I’ll figure out how to embed links later. Right now I’m going to take care of my need to go to bed early!

How do you nurture yourself?



Breathe Mom!

Welcome to Breathe Mom. This is a place to rediscover who we were before we became moms. Remember what used to make you cool (or hot!) and reclaim what works for you. Even if it’s only 15 minutes each day it’s important to do something for yourself and ONLY yourself that makes YOU feel good. Besides, it might make you a better mom 🙂

More to come soon, I promise!