What Clients Are Saying

“My experience working with Pat was very eye opening. In a way that did not pry nor make me feel uncomfortable, she asked questions that allowed me to discover answers to issues and difficulties I had been experiencing. The tools that I gained through a few short sessions have served me well over the last year, and I am excited to continue this work with Pat in the future!

If you are at a time of transition, feeling stuck, or just want someone really understanding to talk to, Pat is the right person!”

“Pat’s coaching helped me tap into my own intuition and reinforced tools that helped me navigate a difficult time in my life and come to see that with fear and doubt removed, much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I already had the answers I was seeking. It felt like magic.

I benefited from a more free flowing coaching experience where we explored a bit of nature based coaching, creative coaching, and life coaching and it was all uplifting and deeply transformational, providing me a new way to approach any issues that had me questioning my life, relationships, or career change.

Pat’s intuition and coaching helped my path, my truth (my wishes and wants) become clearer and less cluttered with negative patterns and ugly self chatter. Soon, my own true path forward in my relationships and my career began to reveal itself with ease and far less effort and self doubt than I’d ever imagined.

Today, my new business is getting off the ground, I am traveling frequently after years of chronic illness, and I am more deeply connected to what I personally need and desire moving forward in my life, less focused on outcomes, and more able to ask for what I want and in a place to really appreciate and receive it.

Thanks Pat <3″

“I have carried out life coaching sessions with Pat Donovan and can attest to her professionalism and quality of service. In our sessions, we have discussed a variety of issues that range from personal to work-related matters. Pat has listened carefully and compassionately to my concerns and provided practical advice that one can use in a multiplicity of occasions. She has explained a series of easy-to-address practices based on the use of logical rationale that one can  implement to understand and then tackle particular issues. Most importantly, Pat has maintained records of our conversations and used these records to follow up on the progress made as a result of advice provided in previous sessions. Lastly, Pat is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her with great enthusiasm. I am looking forward to our continued sessions.”

“Such an important part of our lives that is so easily forgotten is to show yourself self compassion. When I started life coaching with Pat in December of 2016 I knew I had to make some changes for the upcoming stressful months ahead of me. I simply felt I could not take time for myself without feeling guilty, with the help of Pat and the Turtle Steps I have rearranged my thinking and my workload.  It is so nice to have time for myself now and not feel the stress or guilt I had before.

The coaching techniques Pat has used with me are inspiring and fun. From Body Scans to Dream Analysis and Ideal Day just to name a few. How she connects with me over the phone is like she is sitting right in front of me in the same room. I love the follow up emails and get something new out of them each time I re-read them, even now when  I go back to my first session.
Pat has helped me reconnect with myself. She has helped me to remember who I was and still want to be and has given me the skills and the tools to achieve this. “
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