Slowing Down

Slowing Down

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Lately I’ve realized that it’s time to slow down. Even when I’m really enjoying what I’m doing; writing every day, journaling, taking an online class, making Zen Tangles, I become easily overwhelmed. I’ve been reading Martha Beck’s book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.  

Yesterday morning while I was out walking I met a rather large turtle near the road. She may have been going to lay some eggs or some other turtle business but when I saw her she was just being still inside her shell.  As I stood there talking softly to her and making sure she stayed out of the path of any cars that might come our way she gradually came out of her shell.   I stooped down to get a closer look and the message I received was “slow down”.  It’s not the first time this week I’ve heard this same message. I’m not hearing voices, it’s just what’s inside of me and I know it’s what I need to hear. Then she meandered into the underbrush to do whatever turtles do. So even though I’ve got a lot going on between finishing the school year, packing for our vacation, making reservations and starting our kitchen renovation, I’m going to heed the advice of the turtle and slow down.  I plan to continue to do all of the things I’m doing but I’m going to be doing it a lot more slowly and intentionally.

Sometimes when we’re too rushed and busy slowing down is the best thing to do.  Let me know if it works for you too.


It is really difficult to slow down in this society. We wake up and we need to rush and get ready for the day. Even though, my children are at College level now, I still find myself rushing to “complete” tasks. Working a Full time job, a part time from home, cooking cleaning, etc…

I wake up really early everyday (I am an early bird) and while getting out of bed, I start praying and repeating positive affirmations all the way to the bathroom.

I am practicing Meditation for many years; I still found that to take aside those 20 minutes in the morning is difficult when you have to do so many tasks in one day; we think we won’t have enough time to finish everything!!!

Well… the best thing to do, I agree, is to “slow Down” and take care of the things that are going to help us to have a Great and Peaceful day. For some people is exercise, or Yoga; to me is MEDITATION. I kind of force myself to take those 20-30 minutes every morning to do a “quiet time” through Meditation.

I have found that Meditation is one of the most rewarding, Healing and satisfying activities one person can do. You’ll slow down for those minutes, and you’ll have a peaceful and joyful day!

I’ll leave you with this video my husband shared about how Meditation is been used in a high school to help students cope with the anxiety of their days:

For more on Meditation, I invite you to my website ( you’ll find different Meditation Materials):


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