Gratitude A-Z

Gratitude A-Z

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My last post was an A-Z list of Tiny Steps Toward Joy. This week, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to share another practice that I try to do regularly. This technique has many uses. It invariably cheers me up if I’m feeling down for any reason. When I have insomnia I start a gratitude list in my head. When I’m walking my son to school we sometimes play a game of listing what we’re thankful for. I usually start with something that starts with the letter A, but sometimes for variety I will go from letter Z backwards through the alphabet. Sometimes I just think of one thing that starts with the letter and other times I list several. Often my list is filled with the people in my life who I love. Other times I pick a theme like all the parts of my body. Feeling gratitude and expressing our thanks for the good that we have in our lives has been shown to improve our mood. It’s also a great way to get off the worry wagon!

  • A- I’m thankful for my Airstream camper in the Adirondack mountains
  • B- I’m thankful for Blackster (the cat) and sometimes B.T. (the other cat)
  • C- I’m grateful for Coaching!
  • D- I’m grateful for the Deer that visited the riding stable today
  • E- I’m thankful for Emotions, even the difficult ones
  • F- I’m thankful for my Father and for many, many Friends
  • G- I’m grateful for the Ground I walk on
  • H- I’m grateful for Horses
  • I- I’m thankful for Intuition
  • J- I’m thankful for Jim (my husband), Judy (my mother), Jean (my grandmother) and JOY
  • K- I’m thankful for Kayaking
  • L- I’m grateful for LOVE and Laughter and the Labyrinth
  • M- I’m thankful for Max (my son), Magi (the dog) and Matt (my brother)
  • N- I’m thankful for Nan (my great-grandmother) and Nannie (my mother-in-law)
  • O- I’m grateful for Oak trees, Owls, and the Ocean
  • P- I’m grateful for Patience and Playfulness
  • Q- I’m thankful for Quiet
  • R- I’m thankful for Rest and Reading
  • S- I’m grateful for Shannon (my sister), Shavonna (my niece) and Seth (my nephew)
  • T- I’m grateful for the Treasure chest that I’m restoring and hot Tea in the morning
  • U- I’m thankful for Unicorns
  • V- I’m thankful for Volunteering
  • W- I’m grateful for Water, Wind, and Whispering Manes
  • X- I’m grateful for Xi’an, China
  • Y- I’m thankful for Yoga
  • Z- I’m thankful for Zamanta (my yoga teacher)

May you have a Thanksgiving full of gratitude and thanks. If you care to share what you’re thankful for, please reply here.  If there’s someone in your life who would like to know that you’re thankful for them, please let them know! It feels good to be appreciated. And if you’re not already a subscriber please sign up! I’d love to stay in touch.



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