Three Deep Breaths

Three Deep Breaths

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The simplest way to integrate mindfulness and awareness of the present moment is by taking three deep breaths. This sounds so easy and yet without reminders I often forget to do it! I remind myself by setting the alarm function on my phone to go off several times during the day. If you have a smart phone you can find the alarm function in “clock”. There are several options including stopwatch and timer but I’ve found that the alarm function is most useful. There are a variety of peaceful sounds that you can choose from in the “sounds” function to serve as your reminder. I have mine set for 3 times during the day, twice in the morning when I know from experience that I might NOT be remembering to breathe deeply, and once in the afternoon. You may want to set yours for times that you normally feel stressed or just pick a time that you would like to breathe deeply.


Once you have set up your reminder just go about your day. When you hear your alarm pause and take a moment to notice where you are and what you’re doing. Take a breath and let it go. Notice how you’re feeling. Take another deep breath and let it go. How does your body feel? Inhale and let it go. 

If I’m by myself or with the students in my classroom or with my son I let the breaths go with a deep and audible sigh. The students often do this with me now so it reminds all of us to breathe and come back to the present moment. Sometimes we lift our arms up on the inhale and slowly drop them to our sides as we exhale. Ahhhhhh.


Breathing is at the foundation of so many mindful practices. Give it a try!

Thanks so much for all your comments! Glad to know that connecting is already taking place. I’d love to come for the Zentangling gathering- I’ll bring the pink drinks and the recipe. No rose involved-Grand Marnier, vodka, lime, and grenadine to make it pink.
Would love to get together with you & C again. M has gone beyond dinosaurs to Octonauts (not sure if I’m spelling that correctly-another PBS kids production).
We’re on our way to a hike in the Adirondacks today but I’ll check out your blog when I return. WordPress rocks!

I’m afraid my blog is sorely neglected – I posted once, and it was maybe a year ago! Please do call/text when you are back! Was just thinking of you today, when we were on our way to the Mango Festival, and I was saddened by the thought that you were out of town and so I couldn’t invite you to meet us there.

Have you thought about reviving your blog? It looked like it could be a nice place to explore Project Based Homeschooling.


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