Project Based Homeschooling Graduation!


I’m so excited to be a graduate of the Project Based Homeschooling Master Class. This was such a wonderful experience and I really gained a lot from it.  Although I’m not a homeschooler I feel that the best way to approach learning with my son and with my students is through their interests. This online class helped me to recognize the ways that my son’s passions for subjects as diverse as dinosaurs, trains, space and Wild Kratts (PBSKids) are helping him to develop the capacity to learn about any subject. This evening he developed a pretty sophisticated business plan for catching and selling fish to “make a lot of money this summer”.  He’s starting at 15 cents for a bag of fish chips (buy one get one free) and by the end of the vacation the price will have risen to $5. (Reel ’em in!). He even has his hours of operation and days to go catch more fish.  I love it!

Visit Camp Creek Blog- project based homeschooling for more information.


Also today while visiting some ruins from a fort we saw a red fox who had made a den right in the ruins. It watched us for awhile then stretched like a cat and wandered back to the den. Amazing!20140616_140128


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