ABC of Tiny Steps Toward Joy

A tiny collection of joyful things

I’m not a fan of posts that promise to teach you 5 ways to a flat belly or 10 things you must do to prevent your souffle from falling, but I do love a good A-Z. So I’ve been working on an ABC of Tiny Steps Toward Joy and wanted to share it with you! Please let me know if you try one (or more). They take very little time and can add up to a more joyful day.

Take a minute to find some joy

A ALLOW for fun

B Take 3 deep BREATHS

C COLOR a temporary stripe in your hair

DANCE  to your favorite song

E EAT something delicious and savor it!

F FEED the birds (and squirrels)

G Get GLITTER GEL PENS (and use them to write letters or checks with!)

H HUG yourself really tightly and tell yourself “I LOVE YOU!”

I Ask your INTUITION what you should do

J JOURNAL for 5 minutes

K KISS your loved one, your kids, your pet, or your knee


M Watch the MOON

N Notice something in NATURE

O Chant “OM” in your car

P Put on some PERFUME that you love

Q Be very, very QUIET


S Display some SUNFLOWERS

T Paint your TOENAILS crazy colors

U Wear your favorite UNDERWEAR

V VIEW a sunset

W WRITE a letter to a loved one

X eXAMINE your fears and let them go

Y YAWN really loudly

Z Get some ZINNIAS

I’d love to talk with you about what brings you joy and how you include it in your life.

Our joyful greyhound, Magi

If you’re ready for more JOY and are having a hard time getting started, contact me for a complimentary 1 hour session!



Starting small…the power of turtle steps

After writing my last post and taking out my journals to photograph them, I got curious. What was I writing about in 2014? What was happening in my life? I remembered sketching the pattern of the window screen as the shadows fell on the page of my journal. Maybe I didn’t have much to say.

I started writing in February for 15-20 minutes per day. I used a little red tomato timer that ticked loudly and had a jarring alarm. I got rid of it shortly thereafter and switched to a less noisy way of telling myself it was time to stop.

Some of those early pages were barely filled. I spent time just day dreaming. What did I want to write about? I complained that my hand and arm hurt from writing. I wrote “Tonight I’m writing that I don’t know what I’m writing about.” I asked myself “Is this important?” I worried that it was selfish of me to spend 20 minutes doing something for myself. I wrote “Keep writing & see if I can get up the courage to start a blog.” I told myself “Feeling afraid is okay.” I drew a mind map from a Google invitation to make the world a better place. I wrote about possibilities and how they made me feel. I started writing with glitter gel pens. I wrote a letter to my Muse and sealed it in an envelope.

I found this poem that I wrote in that first book and wanted to share it with you because we never know where our first small steps may take us.

If You Plant a Seed…

If you plant a sleepy seed will it grow into a dream?

If you plant a crayon will it grow into a rainbow?

If you plant a stone will it grow into a mountain?

If you plant a note will it grow into a song?

If you plant a raindrop will it grow into a river?

If you plant a feather will it grow into a bird?

If you plant a fingernail will it grow into the moon?

If you plant a diamond will it grow into a star?

If you plant a smile will it grow into a friend?

If you plant a kiss will it grow into true love?

If you plant a brick will it grow into a house?

If you plant a tear will it grow into the sea?

If you plant a whisker will it grow into a kitten?

If you plant a cotton ball will it grow into a cloud?

If you plant a word will it grow into a book?

If you plant a wish, what will it grow into?

What seeds do you dream of planting? What might they become?