Work With Me

“Pat has helped me reconnect with myself. She has helped me to remember who I was and still want to be and has given me the skills and the tools to achieve this. “

  • Have you forgotten what it’s like to feel joy?
  • Do you even remember what it is that brings you joy?
  • What lights you up?
  • Do you make time for joy in your life?
  • Is joy on your schedule? Why not?

If you’re ready to rediscover, reconnect, and RECLAIM your joy, let’s play! Together we will identify and dissolve what may be blocking your joy. We will make a treasure map to identify what really lights you up. We will track it; is it writing, painting, being in nature, riding horseback, getting a puppy? We will ritualize it- make time, take time, and include it in your everyday life. And finally we will CELEBRATE your joy and share it with others if you choose!

The first session is complimentary and I’m happy to answer your questions by email as well. All sessions are via telephone or Skype unless you are in the Miami area and would prefer to meet in person. If you don’t see a time available that’s convenient for you, please contact me! I am flexible and have occasional evening and weekend hours.

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