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Four years ago I took a 6 week vacation from my job as a Kindergarten teacher of the deaf. During that time I reconnected with parts of myself that I had forgotten. I painted, I hiked in the mountains, I wrote every morning. I rediscovered myself and what lights me up. I read a lot of books and found Martha Beck’s books incredibly helpful. I signed up for one of her online courses. Within 6 months  I decided that my job was no longer fulfilling for me and I was able to leave. It was both wonderful and terrifying to wake up every morning without the stability of a job and the benefits that go with it.

During the next year and a half I wrote my first book (The Secret Labyrinth) and did a lot of self-discovery activities, many of which I found in Martha’s books. I found a Life Coach who had been through the Martha Beck Life Coach Training.  Every time we spoke, no matter what was troubling me when we first got on the phone together,  I felt so much better about my life by the end of the call. At some point I asked myself “Wouldn’t it be great to be that person, the one who leads the session, asks the questions, and helps the client get to the place of feeling so much better?”

In August 2016 I took the plunge and signed up for Martha Beck Life Coach Training.  Since then I’ve worked with many different clients and logged over 100 hours as a coach. I LOVE it and can’t think of a way I’d rather spend my time!

If you’re interested in finding out more about what life coaching can do for you, accessing your intuition, analyzing your dreams, and weaving FUN back into your life please contact me today! Sessions are held by telephone or Skype and I have flexible hours. If you don’t find something on the schedule that fits your needs please contact me to arrange a time that’s convenient for you.  The first session is complimentary!

“Pat has helped me reconnect with myself. She has helped me to remember who I was and still want to be and has given me the skills and the tools to achieve this.” – a happy client


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