Saying “No” Gracefully

Sometimes I say “yes” when I really want to say “no”.  Learning how to say “no” gracefully is a skill we should all cultivate. When your mind and body are not in tune with what you’re doing you probably won’t do it well. You may feel resentful or stressed or even angry as you’re doing the unwanted task.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to say yes or no to something that I only halfway wanted to do. It was something I felt I “should” do and something that I even found interesting and often enjoyable. However, it would be happening during my long awaited vacation, and while it wasn’t exactly work, it wasn’t exactly play either. So after telling the person who invited me to participate in this event that I would think about it and get back to her I stopped and felt what was happening in my body and my mind. I was starting to feel stressed. I was starting to feel anxious about missing saying goodbye to my son when he’ll be going away with his grandmother for a week. I started to feel like I really didn’t want to do this thing. So I called back and said “no”. I did it gracefully and with conviction. I didn’t feel guilty about it. My body and mind instantly relaxed and with that sense of relaxation came the sure knowledge that I had done the right thing.

Sometimes there are obligations and things that we do because we really feel that we must. However, when you have a choice and are leaning toward saying “no”, listen to yourself. Do what your heart tells you.  Only say “yes” to things that resonate for you and that you really want to do.

In the upcoming weeks one of the things that I want to do is develop an online course to help other moms rediscover themselves. I’ll be inviting you to participate and to provide feedback. If that resonates for you and you want to do it, please say “yes”. If it doesn’t resonate and you don’t want to, please listen to your heart and say “no”.



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