Feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes even with all of the strategies I’ve put in place to help me deal with stress I find myself feeling overwhelmed. This week has been one of those weeks.  Lack of sleep, preparing for the end of the school year and a long anticipated vacation, taking a really exciting online course and dealing with everyday stress has left me feeling somewhat frazzled.  In response I’ve been meditating more, doing more conscious breathing and writing less. I’ve also found myself doing things that I know are NOT helpful like eating a giant chocolate chip cookie that was on the kitchen counter at work, doing less yoga and having a “pink drink” before  dinner. (E-mail me for the recipe for pink drinks- they’re awesome!) It’s easy to slip into habits that are counter-productive. It’s easy to slip out of habits that are helpful. The snooze button has been calling out to me again. After a week of being really diligent about getting up 30 minutes early to write and have some “me” time I just groaned and rolled over yesterday and again today. In the past I probably would have decided that falling back into bad habits was a sign of my inability to get my act together. Today, in the spirit of acceptance and forgiveness I’ve decided to give myself a break. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. I’m going to give myself the same pass that I’d give to a good friend in the same position. What would I tell this friend?

“You’re a good person. You’re a good mom. You’re doing your best. Get some rest and soon you’ll feel better. Maybe that chocolate chip cookie had secret healthy ingredients tucked inside and you might have pulled a muscle if you’d done more yoga today.” (Yes, I have been known to make up stories to help my friends feel better).

Be a friend to yourself and take a break when you need it. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.



I agree, when we feel OVERWHELMED the best “thing” to do is just Stop, Close your eyes, and take a Deep Breath.

Balance is everything in life. As my Spiritual Role Model, Deepak Chopra, says in one of his book, Perfect Health, too much of one “thing” is not good for your well being; if you are resting for too long, you need to stand and take a walk or do some kind of exercise. If your body is too exhausted of too much movement, that means, we need to stop and rest…and so on.

The key is BALANCE, it is to learn how to Balance the right amount of activity and rest in this case.

Have a Great and Blessed Day!!!

Thanks as always for your comments Inma! Today I had a wonderful massage and am feeling much more balanced. The beautiful weather is helping too- what a blessing to have a breeze like this in Miami in May!


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