Sacred Rest

Sacred Rest

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When I started telling people that I was quitting my job many of them asked me what I was going to do. I told them I was going to rest. And guess what’s been the most challenging thing to do this month…that’s right, resting! Today I went to the park armed with “things to do”, my journal, glitter gel pens, The Secret Garden, a sheet to lie down on.  After I had been there a while I started getting antsy, feeling that it was time to go home, do laundry, go to the bank etc…

Instead I decided to lie down and rest. I looked at the sky. I listened to the birds. I watched leaves fall. I noticed butterflies. I rolled over and rested on my stomach. I felt my heartbeat. I saw tiny feathers that had fallen from the tree where the peacocks had roosted overnight. I rested.  The words stopped.


This is what Martha Beck is talking about when she urges us to enjoy sacred rest. It’s what I imagine a lot of people think they’ll do when they retire. But it takes conscious effort to actually rest . I hope that you give yourself the opportunity to rest. If you’re working maybe give it a try on the weekend for 10 minutes or even an hour. It’s heaven…right here on earth.

Thank you Corinna. I hope that the next time you get the opportunity to rest you will find a way to be totally present and do it. I find that getting lost in looking really closely at a flower is a wonderful way to rest…


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