Stalling and re-starting

It’s interesting that while taking a writing course I stopped writing this blog. I’ve been thinking about my motivation for writing lately and noticing that it’s primarily an outlet for my feelings and often for my frustrations which isn’t something that I necessarily want to share with readers. However, I also know that if I just stop writing, especially for this blog, I run the risk of stopping entirely. I don’t think that will really happen as I’ve been writing journals for such a long time but I also find value in posting, even if it’s for one person (often myself!) So… during a time of transformation for myself I will continue to write and hopefully make progress with my desire to publish a children’s book.  I’ve been in contact with a couple of illustrators and finding it challenging to connect with someone with similar ideas about children’s books. I’ve also joined a couple of Facebook groups for children’s writers and illustrators and e-book publishers. It may just be my unfamiliarity with the process but it doesn’t seem as easy or intuitive as I had hoped. The hard work of writing is followed by more hard work of connecting, self-publishing, marketing and so on. And yet I’m compelled to keep trying.  I hope if any of you are trying something new that is perhaps not as instantly rewarding as you had hoped that you keep doing it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for continuing to motivate yourself!

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