Being With What Is…

Being With What Is…

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Last night was the first night of an online class I signed up for on writing children’s books. I was really excited about participating in the class and made arrangements so that I could leave the house and devote all of my attention to the class. My husband is in charge of getting our son ready for bed on Monday nights for the next six weeks. I left in good spirits and fully prepared with my journal, a laptop, my son’s tablet (just in case) and my smart phone to be sure I would be able to access the course. After a few glitches with getting internet access at the local university I was online and ready to roll. Then I found out I would need to have a program installed on the smart phone or tablet that was not supported by those devices. I switched to the laptop but I was unable to get the video to play. I was growing more and more frustrated and discouraged when I decided to just stop. I took out my journal and wrote about my frustration and asked myself what my next step should be. Should I rush home in a panic and try to get access the course there? Should I just give up? Should I take it as a sign that this is not to be?

What I decided to do was to meditate. I had also happened to join a 21 day meditation course by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey that started on August 11th. I was planning to meditate before bed. Instead I sat in the student center and listened to the meditation through my earbuds. As I focused on my breathing and the mantra I found my frustration slipping away. Eventually I was even able to laugh at myself when I realized how frantic I had become over something that really isn’t a problem. I must have looked quite silly as I was trying to untangle cords and had 3 different electronic devices basically malfunctioning at the same time. The course is recorded and even though I couldn’t participate “live” last night I’ll be able to communicate with the other members and instructors through Facebook. I was also reminded of how anxious I had been about the kitchen just a week ago and now that I have a functioning kitchen again I’m being anxious about something else instead. I kept breathing and focusing on the mantra and the centering thought for the day: Happiness is my true nature. What is it about being human that permits us so often to forget our true nature?  What is it that takes us away from joy? For me it usually involves wanting things to be different than they are. I’m optimistic that if I have this lesson shown to me enough times I’ll eventually understand it. Being with what is is the only way to be.

When you’re frustrated how do you respond? Are there techniques that work for you that you would be willing to share? Is this a lesson you’ve already learned or are you still being shown as well?



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