Expectations again…

I’m back home in Miami after 5 weeks of vacation in the Adirondack mountains. While my son and I were gone my husband has been hard at work renovating our kitchen. Today I’m doing something I hadn’t anticipated doing during the time that I have off before returning to work. I’m “mudding and taping” (or “taping and mudding”- not really sure what to call it except a mess!) Done in the right frame of mind it’s kind of fun, like working with really messy, sloppy clay. Done in the wrong frame of mind my choice of language goes from G-Rated to R-Parent Advisory.


What does this have to do with Breathe Mom? It goes back to a theme that I’ve noticed cropping up again and again in my life. My expectations and reality are on different wavelengths. I had a (rather optimistic) fantasy that I would return from New York to a beautiful new kitchen! In fact our house is in disarray and I’m going through bins, bags and baskets of stuff that we don’t really need. I’ve been reading Courtney Carver’s blog Be More With Less and realizing that much of what I’ve been carting around through relationships, moves to different houses and changes in lifestyle is not necessary. It doesn’t bring me joy and it’s not useful. So, as I take a break from mudding and taping, I will spend some time looking through spices, dishes, pots and pans, and deciding what to keep. When the new kitchen really is completed I’ll have things in it that are useful and beautiful.

In the meantime if anyone needs a collection of soy sauce dishes be sure to stop by. As a bonus you’ll get a chance to enjoy some mudding and taping đŸ™‚20140715_162047[1]


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