Old and New Habits

Old and New Habits

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During this extended break I’ve been working on solidifying new habits. Some of them are easier than others. I’ve done my short yoga practice every morning since I started vacation and I’m really pleased with that. I’ve also meditated for 15-20 minutes nearly every day and I feel that it’s helping me to explore some of my deeper desires and emotions.  I’ve participated in some type of creative endeavor (drawing, painting with watercolors, Zen Tangles, writing poetry) between  4 and 5 days per week and I have a little travel journal full of my creativity to look back on in days to come.

One of my old habits that I’ve found creeping back in is a default to negative thinking. The new habit that I want to form is that when I notice myself thinking in negative patterns to change that to either a neutral thought or to a positive thought. So instead of thinking “my vacation is more than half over” I will instead say to myself “I’ve really enjoyed my vacation so far and I intend to continue to enjoy it”.

One way to decrease negative thinking is simply to notice that it’s happening. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we’re thinking about that we don’t even realize that the tone has become negative. Setting the “breathe” reminder on your phone can be a trigger to also recognize what you’re feeling and thinking at that moment. If it’s negative, notice it and neutralize or change it. If it’s positive congratulate yourself and celebrate. Celebrating positive behavior is a way to encourage it to continue. What we pay attention to grows. 

If you have a new habit that you would like to form how will you do it? Please share here in the comments section. I’d love to hear from some readers!

I just started doing Zentangling!! I’ve been hosting a gathering every 2 weeks here at my house for some moms I know, as we make our way through the book “One Zentangle A Day” … our next gathering will be in 3 weeks, on July 27th. You should come!!


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