Leap and the net (and trapeze!) will appear



This year brought enormous changes to my life and I’m both grateful and a little terrified. Friday, December 19th was my last day of working for the employer I’ve been with on and off since 1986.  It was a difficult decision to reach but after making it I know it’s the right one.  In order to find my true path I must veer off the one I’ve been traveling.  Having pink hair has given me a much needed shot of courage.

I’ve continued writing every day and exploring other forms of creativity as well. I’m co-writing with a new friend from the U.K. , found through Free Range Humans, and having a great time imagining a brand new world for young adventurous girls to travel through.

The Martha Beck course and accompanying Facebook Group has been a wonderful source of support and today I read a great post from the group. It will probably be viral by this point as it was re-posted by Liz Gilbert on her Facebook page.  At the Crossroads of Should and Must is a truly inspiring read and I’m so happy to have found it along with so many other incredible posts, stories and pictures.

As I continue my own adventures, which sometimes feel like flying and other times like falling, I would love to hear how your adventures are progressing.  What do you do when fear overcomes you? How do you stay motivated to keep discovering yourself?