Three Deep Breaths

The simplest way to integrate mindfulness and awareness of the present moment is by taking three deep breaths. This sounds so easy and yet without reminders I often forget to do it! I remind myself by setting the alarm function on my phone to go off several times during the day. If you have a smart phone you can find the alarm function in “clock”. There are several options including stopwatch and timer but I’ve found that the alarm function is most useful. There are a variety of peaceful sounds that you can choose from in the “sounds” function to serve as your reminder. I have mine set for 3 times during the day, twice in the morning when I know from experience that I might NOT be remembering to breathe deeply, and once in the afternoon. You may want to set yours for times that you normally feel stressed or just pick a time that you would like to breathe deeply.


Once you have set up your reminder just go about your day. When you hear your alarm pause and take a moment to notice where you are and what you’re doing. Take a breath and let it go. Notice how you’re feeling. Take another deep breath and let it go. How does your body feel? Inhale and let it go. 

If I’m by myself or with the students in my classroom or with my son I let the breaths go with a deep and audible sigh. The students often do this with me now so it reminds all of us to breathe and come back to the present moment. Sometimes we lift our arms up on the inhale and slowly drop them to our sides as we exhale. Ahhhhhh.


Breathing is at the foundation of so many mindful practices. Give it a try!

5 Habits for Self Discovery

If you’re interested in self discovery here are some methods that may help you on your journey. All green highlighted links will take you directly to the site mentioned. Click the back arrow to come back to this post!

The first habit is regular meditation. This was something I had wanted to do for many years and I’ve dabbled in meditation since my early teens. I participated in an 8 week training on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction which reinforced the importance of regular meditation. I admit I struggled with the commitment at first and worked through several roadblocks where I stopped completely. However, I seem to have found my path again and now I meditate regularly. While working I meditate during my commute (by train) and during this extended break I’ve meditated every morning to the sound of the birds (much nicer than by train!) If you don’t have access to MBSR locally and are interested you may want to check out the work and recordings of Jon Kabat-Zinn.

You can also try Andy Puddicumb’s Headspace  which is available free online.

The second habit is yoga. As with meditation this is something I’ve been interested in for many years and have practiced irregularly since I first discovered it. For the past 6 months I’ve been doing a short yoga practice every morning when I wake up. It started small (about 5 minutes) and settled at around 10 minutes when I was working. Now that I have more time I’ve been doing 15 to 45 minutes of yoga every morning. I found a great teacher in Miami who lives very close to my house and will be attending her classes when I return. If yoga calls to you it’s likely that you can find a class nearby. You can also find yoga sessions online free through YouTube or subscribe. The short practice that I started with is through Danielle Gorman of YogaKids. If yoga doesn’t call to you try exploring some other form of movement; bellydancing, running, ice skating, walking.

A third habit is writing. I received my first diary when I was 8 years old and I still have it. I started writing regularly again this year which led to this blog. Most of what I write will never be seen by anyone but me but I find it helps me to process my feelings and keep track of my dreams. If you want to write regularly be sure to set aside the time. You can even make a daily appointment with yourself. I give myself at least 15 minutes a day to write. Get a nice journal if you enjoy writing longhand or write on the computer or start your own blog! I used Courtney Carver’s Zero to 100 course to get started.

The fourth habit is creating. Since childhood I’ve enjoyed doing various art, craft and other projects and it’s been so much fun to rediscover these things. Lori Pickert’s Camp Creek Blog helped me to start my daily creativity sessions. Also check out Michael Nobbs at Sustainably Creative for more suggestions on daily small doses of creativity. I have slowly accumulated charcoal, clay, watercolors, glitter gel pens, and materials for Zen Tangles. I’ve chosen anything that I can do in a relatively short period of time and with zero expectations. Sometimes I create with my son but usually on my own. If there was something artistic or creative from your childhood or early adulthood that you enjoyed try picking it up again. Knitting, crocheting and other fabric arts are something else you may want to explore.

The fifth habit (which should probably be listed as the first habit) is forming habits. In our busy lives if we don’t make something a habit, chances are it won’t happen for very long. Especially if it’s something we’re doing for ourselves and not for someone else! I found Tiny Habits to be incredibly effective and easy when it came to integrating new habits into my life. You start with very small (tiny!) habits or changes you want to make and give yourself positive reinforcement each time you do the habit. What we attend to grows and soon you have a habit that you do every day with very little effort. If there’s something that you want to include regularly in your life give it a try!

I’ll spend more time on each of these self-discovery habits in future posts. Until then I hope you enjoy rediscovering yourself as much as I’m enjoying rediscovering myself!

Project Based Homeschooling Graduation!


I’m so excited to be a graduate of the Project Based Homeschooling Master Class. This was such a wonderful experience and I really gained a lot from it.  Although I’m not a homeschooler I feel that the best way to approach learning with my son and with my students is through their interests. This online class helped me to recognize the ways that my son’s passions for subjects as diverse as dinosaurs, trains, space and Wild Kratts (PBSKids) are helping him to develop the capacity to learn about any subject. This evening he developed a pretty sophisticated business plan for catching and selling fish to “make a lot of money this summer”.  He’s starting at 15 cents for a bag of fish chips (buy one get one free) and by the end of the vacation the price will have risen to $5. (Reel ’em in!). He even has his hours of operation and days to go catch more fish.  I love it!

Visit Camp Creek Blog- project based homeschooling for more information.


Also today while visiting some ruins from a fort we saw a red fox who had made a den right in the ruins. It watched us for awhile then stretched like a cat and wandered back to the den. Amazing!20140616_140128


Reconnecting with Nature

One of the paths to personal rediscovery that I’ve been exploring is to reconnect with nature. Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains there were always opportunities to be outside; observing animals, planting seeds and playing in the mud. In the past few weeks I’ve been going for more walks in Miami and really stopping to notice what’s around me. This morning in the Adirondacks I woke up very early and was amazed at the variety of birdsong in our meadow. If you have three minutes to stop and listen, you’ll hear the birds and brook.